Hi there and thanks for visiting. I’m an AICP and LEED-Accredited urban planner of the American variety who writes under the pseudonym ‘glaucus’. I created this blog as an outlet to comment on planning-related energy descent issues in a way that my day job does not allow.

For too long our planning efforts have failed to prepare our citizenry for present and future energy descent impacts. In my opinion, we need to start “planning down” – that is to say, forge a new path free of association with the flawed economic growth model and begin articulating urban planning policies which reflect the limitations of our finite world. To this end I strive to express a coherent vision of the future that the planning profession can accept, if not embrace.

Check in every Thursday for a new post on some angle of our urban predicament. There are many dimensions to the dilemma, so I’m certain I’ll never run out of material.  I look forward to fielding all respectful comments you care to submit.

If this is your first time here or you’d like a little background on my perspective, I’d recommend that you spend some time reading through the Orientation page and Definitions/Terms of Art page for context.

Feel free to email with questions and whatnot.

glaucus (at) hushmail (dot) com

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