Urban Strategies for Transition Times

I’ve spent the past few months critiquing insular planning – my term for those planning strategies that fail to recognize the significance of ecology, system dynamics and the laws of the jungle. This week I’m going to begin transitioning toward considering methods by which extant climate, ecology and energy challenges may be dealt with constructively. Below I have provided a link to a presentation entitled “Resilient Cities: Urban Strategies for Transition Times” that Dr. Bill Rees gave in 2009 at the Gaining Ground Summit in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Bill Rees is a Professor at the University of British Columbia and co-creator of the concept of the ecological footprint. Rees looks at public policy and planning relating to global environmental trends and the ecological conditions for sustainable socioeconomic development from a physical sciences perspective. In this podcast, he conclusively demonstrates the degree to which our cities are unsustainable based on their resource inputs and waste outputs.

Planning Down: What if ‘Can Do’ Can’t?

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